If You Got Any of These Items for Christmas, You Are Officially Adulting


Remember Christmas? It wasn’t that long ago. When you were a kid (or maybe even a little bit older), you wanted all kinds of fun stuff for Christmas: games, toys, etc. Then you hit a point in your life when your Christmas list looked more like this: pots, pans, and a blender. In other words, stuff you need because you’re turning into an adult. I remember last year I asked for a new car battery. Thanks Santa!

Photo Credit: Pixabay

We all get there at some point, and the people of Twitter know exactly when you can consider yourself “adulting.”

Photo Credit: Twitter,_matt_small

Photo Credit: Twitter, CWatkinsTV

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Photo Credit: Twitter,_rachelmcgee

Photo Credit: Twitter, MegJordannn

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Photo Credit: Twitter, Yemmerss

What about you? Are you “adulting” yet?

h/t: Pizza Bottle