People Are Sharing Their Favorite Hotel Room Tips They’ve Learned

Photo Credit: Twitter

Hotel rooms are great. The beds are big and the sheets are crisp and cool. You can watch TV guilt-free because you’ve paid a bunch of money to not to have to cook your own dinner or clean.

Sometimes, though, it’s not quite heaven. And that one little thing can bug you until you’re not sleeping as well or feeling as comfortable as when you are at home.

When that happens, you need a hack.

Twitter’s got you.

Recently, venture capitalist Rick Klau reposted a hack he said he originally found on Twitter.

His smart and handy re-tip inspired others to post their favorite hotel room hacks. Like this great thread about the lack of convenient electric outlets in rooms.

Others had hacks you didn’t know you needed until now.

Hotel rooms can be dirty so these hacks are great.

Do you know anyone who uses a shower cap to cover their hair in the shower?

Even Elon Musk took some notes.

Some of these hacks deserve five stars.

This hack will have you crawling on the floor. Really.

The list of brilliant hacks is long, but worth taking a look at for next time you’re planning a trip. They will keep you comfy and clean while you finally get that great night’s sleep away from home.