Filmmaker Shows How Green Screens Work With Before/After Photos

If you are a fan of movies and television, you are probably super familiar with green screens.

A green screen is a backdrop that is most commonly used with a filmmaker or photographer plans to superimpose an image into the frame.

Often, the actors are filmed walking and interacting in front of the backdrop, and the special effect is added after the fact.

Many of us are so used to green screen technology these days that it can be easy to forget just how impressive it really is.

Recently, Ian Hubert shared a few stills from his current project that uses a green screen. As a filmmaker and visual artist, Ian is no stranger to the process.

Photo by Ian Hubertz.

Ian is currently working on the web series Dynamo Dream, and he is using green screens in a truly creative way.

The show is described as a “sci-fi/fantasy/cute web series,” and it definitely makes sense that the team would be adding a lot of special effects after the shots are filmed.

Photo by Ian Hubertz.

In fact, fans of the genre are really excited about the work that Ian and his team have produced.

Photo by Ian Hubertz.

Ian uses a program called Blender for video editing, and his tutorials are some of the most widely shared out there.

In a recent interview with Rokoko, Ian elaborated on what makes this technology so special:

“What I am really excited about is that it is like a new way of filmmaking.

I hadn’t really realized how much of my workflow was based around just avoiding having to do legit character animation.

When I’m working on a scene now, I can just throw the Smartsuit on and animate all the characters.”

Pretty damn cool.

Let’s have one more look at the before/after.

Photo by Ian Hubertz.

What do you think about Ian’s skills and the use of green screens in general?

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