Groom Wants to Know if He’s Wrong for Asking His Gay Brother Not to Bring His Boyfriend to His Wedding


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Today’s installment is brought to you by a loving, supportive brother who wants his brother to come out to their largely homophobic family – just not on his wedding day.

The gay brother in question is ready to come out, but he wants to do it by bringing his boyfriend of 6 months to a wedding that’s been, we assume, at least a year in the works.

The engaged brother feels badly for asking his brother to come alone to the wedding, but he feels like the day is about his fiancee and their love, and if the coming out is done, too, the day will be about something else entirely.

AITA for asking my brother not to bring his boyfriend to my wedding? from AmItheAsshole

In this situation, people’s opinions are less split than usual, with plenty of people on the original poster’s side, reassuring him that he’s NTA (not the a**hole).

Others are coming down on NAH (no a**holes here), which is where I would fall, personally.

And a few who think he’s being selfish – ie it’s just a wedding for him but this is the rest of his brother’s life – but they’re so far in the minority I couldn’t even find one on the first several pages.

It’s a tough one, to be sure! It’s not always so easy to see all sides so clearly, but in this case, I just hope the brothers make it through the whole thing with their relationship unscathed.

Brothers are life, after all.