Man Says Women Should Not Complain About Period Pain, Gets Obliterated By Internet

Image Credit: Twitter

There are sympathetic men out there who do their best to put themselves in the shoes of the women in their lives, and who would never, ever trivialize the pain a woman feels once a month, every month, for literal decades.

And that’s not even mentioning childbirth.

Even less “woke” men are aware that dismissing period pain is off-limits – at least, if you want to stay in your wife or girlfriend’s good graces – which means it takes a special kind of insensitivity to try to convince all of Twitter that your skinned knees are as bad as the cramps your monthly visitor brings along in her suitcase.

But that’s exactly what @_sargee tweeted, accompanied by a soccer player (presumably not him) sliding on his knees on turf..


He had to know what he was in for, right? And he was looking to ruffle feathers or start a fight?

That’s my story, because I just don’t see how anyone could be this un-ironically obtuse.

Also…women athletes experience skinned knees all the time? And so does every child who plays outside in the summer?

I mean. Yeah. Boom.


Sorry not sorry.

It wasn’t just women blasting him, either.

Yeah, something like that.

Sarcasm warranted.

An undisputed fact.

And we can just leave this last little observation right here.

Please tweet responsibly, my friends. You don’t want to find yourself in the crosshairs.