Woman With Anxiety Makes Her Boyfriend a List of How to Deal With Her During Her Attacks

Photo Credit: Twitter/kelseydarragh

Do you have anxiety?

Seems more and more people these days are coming out on social media and revealing how they grapple with this complicated condition. One very frightening side effect of anxiety is panic attacks, some of which can be so intense that people go to the hospital because they think they’re having a heart attack.

Kelsey Darragh writes for Buzzfeed and recently put together a very comprehensive list of things that a friend, family member or significant other can do when somebody is experiencing a panic attack.

The list starts off simply enough, “Know that I am scared and won’t be able to explain why, so please don’t freak out or be annoyed with me.”

And here’s a closer look at page one…

Photo Credit: Twitter/kelseydarragh

And page two…

Photo Credit: Twitter/kelseydarragh

The response from Twitter has been overwhelmingly positive, with tons of comments from those who also suffer from anxiety disorders about the tips they use in order to overcome panic attacks.

Like this helpful list:

User @lxrson recommends space and music:

@bleachersnow finds something similar helps:

For people with more severe panic attacks, other methods seem to help.

Like massage:

And asking about favorite things:

Another benefit of this discussion is that people were finally able to see that anxiety is a serious condition that should be taken more, well, seriously.

@cyanophytae helped with some more info…

More great, open conversations like this is what we need in the world.

Thanks Kelsey!