Guy Finds Out It’s Never OK To Comment Negatively On A Partner’s Appearance


Listen, I get that there’s a learning curve when it comes to everything in life and that relationships are nothing different, but that said…I feel like some things shouldn’t need to be said.

This guy asked his girlfriend if she wanted to participate in a TikTok trend where they tell each other something they would change about the other, and she agreed that it sounded like it could be fun/interesting.

I watched a TikTok where a couple asked each other what they would change about each other and they both said nothing, they’re both perfect and they love each other very much etc.

So I thought let me try this with my girlfriend, without filming of course.

But when she told him that she wished he had less anxiety so he wasn’t so worried all the time, he responded with a whole host of complaints about her physical appearance.

She said “I wouldn’t change anything about you, maybe I would make you less anxious about everyday stuff so you wouldn’t suffer“. It’s true, I tend to be very anxious and obsessive compulsive sometimes but I’m dealing with it.

Then she asked me what I would change about her. I told her I would like her to have her old body back, meaning before the pandemic when she was more muscular and a little bit thinner. Also I told her she could be less hairy in some areas like her face and arms and I wish her hair was more cared for.

I wouldn’t change anything fundamental about her appearance, maybe make her legs a little bit thinner but all my requests are very much achievable with a little effort.

She was (obviously) upset and even though he thought his suggestions would be “easy” to achieve, and told him that she could have made similar comments but chose not to because she loved him.

She didn’t seem to appreciate my comments, her expression changed and she locked herself in her room without saying anything. We slept on different beds and the next day she told me something very hurtful.

She said “I don’t think that your appearance is perfect either, there are some issues but I love you enough not to pester you about them.”

When I asked her what she meant she replied that she wished I followed her skincare advice to get rid of my acne and that I would work out with her more. I told her the difference is that I was honest and she lied.

Now she’s moved out and he’s not sure (somehow) what he did wrong.

She didn’t say anything but it was obvious that she had been crying the whole night. She went to her sister’s house and hasn’t been responding to my messages

So am I the AH for being honest?

I have a feeling that Reddit is going to have some choice words for this guy, and I’m ready to root them on!

Many people agree with the top comment, which is that it seems as if OP was just waiting for the opportunity to voice his complaints.

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Also he can definitely dish it out but can’t take it.

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The dichotomy of her “complaint” versus his is actually glaring.

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You almost can’t believe this is a real person typing this question.

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We’re all hoping this girl stays gone and finds someone who appreciates her.

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He posted this update, so I hope that at least he can learn from his mistakes.

UPDATE: I get it, I’m the a$$hole. I called and profusely apologized but she said she would think of my comments every time I look at her and it’s something she can’t just forget.

My gf of 4 years broke up with me and now I see why. Thank you all for your comments.

Y’all, I really hope this is fake, because no one could be that mean to someone they supposedly love.

Would you even have been this diplomatic if you were his girlfriend? Let us know how you would have handled it in the comments!