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AITA for getting mad at my sister for not wanting me shirtless at her pool?

“My sister and her husband invited me over to their pool today for a little BBQ. I assumed it would just be me, my sister, her husband, my nephews, and my parents. But turns out they also invited her husband’s side of the family.

When it was time to get in the pool, I changed into my swim trunks and removed my shirt. But my sister stopped me before I came out their house and asked to keep my shirt on because of my scars. She was referring to the scars from when I had my top (chest) surgery. I’m a trans guy. Had started transitioning 8 yrs ago and my surgery was 4 years ago. My scars have already faded and they’re pretty well hidden under my pecs. You’d have to look really close to even notice.

I’ve been to their pool many times and she’s never said anything before so I was surprised. Every other guy including my dad were all shirtless in the pool.

When I asked what the prob was with my scars she said she was uncomfortable with her in laws knowing I’m trans. My feelings were hurt but I was mainly p*ssed. She said she didn’t want her in laws to look at her differently if they found out about me.

She told me not to make a big deal and to go with it.

When she left, I went back inside to change because i wasn’t gonna go in the pool with a shirt on. I only had the one I came wearing because I didn’t expect her to ask me this.

My mood was soured after that and I didn’t wanna be around her so I decided to leave. When I said bye to everyone they were all confused since I was only there less than an hour. My dad pulled me aside and asked why I was leaving early.

I told him to ask my sister and left. An hour later my sister called me upset because she and my dad got into a fight.

My parents were furious about what she told me and they ended up leaving early too. Now she’s angry at me for ruining the bbq and said I didn’t have to cause all this drama if I only did what she asked.

What she said hurt me and I was no longer in a mood to be around her or anyone else, but I didn’t mean for all that to happen. Am I the *sshole for getting mad at her and basically ruining their day?”

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