This Guy on Instagram Is Improving Library Book Titles, and the Results Are Hilarious

If you’re anything like us, you love to read, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what a book is about based on its title. For example, “The Grapes of Wrath” had nothing to do with fruity vengeance… what gives? Luckily, Instagram user Snide Octopus has been going around libraries and adding fake subtitles to books. The results are informative and hilarious.

15. Talk about the “Fire of God.”

14. Potential title for his next album?

13. Spoiler alert: it’s the second page.

12. So good they had to order two copies.

11. These “Game of Thrones” titles are getting out of hand.

10. This one took some “quick” thinking.

9. Farmville doesn’t prep you for that.

8. Who knew the Baja Men were such wordsmiths?

7. We’re dying at this one.

6. Accurate.

5. The most checked-out book in the K-9 section.

4. A food-lover’s two greatest weapons.

3. Second date: secured.

2. We would read the heck out of this.

1. Can’t get much shorter than that.

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