This Guy Said the Female Orgasm Is a Myth. Naturally, Twitter CRUSHED Him for It.


Poor Kyle. What a sad and lonely existence he must lead.

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Recently, a guy on Twitter named Parker Molloy shared a Facebook post from a guy named Kyle. Parker was nice enough to black out Kyle’s last name, and I’m pretty sure at this point that Kyle is eternally grateful for that.

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Kyle doesn’t believe that women can orgasm…but he’s going to “study the issue further.” Yeah, good luck with that. Now that Kyle has been outed, I don’t know how many ladies are gonna be willing to talk to him anytime soon…and it seems like Kyle maybe wasn’t having too much success in the first place. As is usually the case on Twitter, people swiftly meted out justice and made Kyle feel like even more of a dipshit.

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Yes, Kyle officially got roasted. And the tweet about Kyle went viral in a big way.

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The story then took an odd twist when Kyle posted a poem that he might have possibly written…?

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And then Kyle tried to explain the situation, but I don’t think anyone was buying it.

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Let’s all pray that Kyle gets it together soon…for his own sake and for the girl he ends up with.