This Guy Takes in an Adorable Stray Cat and Live-Tweets the Story Every Step of the Way


Need a lift? We’ve got the perfect story for you.

Connor Manning was just minding his own business, walking down the street, when he happened upon a cat he just couldn’t pass up.

The cat started following Manning, and he live-updated the whole interaction between him and his new friend via Twitter. Follow the tweets below and see how this sweet story unfolded.

Yes, this is how cats work.

Still checks out. Very cat-like.

Yep, the cat’s plan is working perfectly.

Yes, you have a cat now.

She’ll be inside soon enough.

Well, duh!

Manning obviously became attached to the little lady and contemplated keeping her.

Getting all those shots!

He named her “Socks.”

Manning then made a bold statement regarding his new housemate.

And then made it official.

And just so you know everything is still cool between the two, here’s a recent tweet from Manning. What a nice story!

(h/t: Bored Panda)

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