Guys Asks, “Is It Normal To Not Want To Work At All?” The Internet Answers.

Everyone has days now and then when they don’t feel like going to work. We’ve all had jobs we couldn’t wait to quit, like we were literally dreaming of how we would hand in our notice when we could.

That’s different than never wanting to work at all, doing anything at all, though, right?

Is it normal to not want to work at all?
It isn’t that I hate my current job, it’s actually pretty easy and pays enough. I just don’t want to go. I think even if I were offered my dream job paying quadruple what I make now, I still wouldn’t want to do it. People tell me to find a job I love, but even if I loved it, I still wouldn’t want to do it unless there’s some way to get paid for watching TV – not writing reviews, not being in a focus group, just sitting quietly at my house watching TV and interacting with no one.

That scene in Office Space where Peter says if he had a million dollars he would do nothing? That’s exactly how I feel. I just want to eat, drink and sit here in my chair watching TV or playing video games until I die.

That’s what this guy is wondering, and these 15 people are willing to set the record straight.

15. Usually nothing. Ha!

This 10,000 times. Everyone thinks im weird for being 35 and still single. The truth is I like doing what I want when i want. Which is usually nothing.

I have had countless relationships and they always end because I dont want to do shit and thats how i like it.

If i could find a girl that was the same way that wasn’t a total mess i would scoop her in an instant

14. It’s all about the money.

Yes, that’s why they have to pay us to be there.

13. Not everyone would enjoy being so counter productive.

If I had enough money that I didn’t need to work then I’m not exactly sure how I would spend my time but I can’t think of a job that I enjoy so much that there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.

I think my interests lie mainly outside of work. I’d travel more, I’d spend more time with family and more time on my hobbies and interests.

I don’t mind TV and video games but I wouldn’t want that to be all I ever did. That’s just me though.

12. He’s not alone.

I feel like this ever since I finally got into the role I spent four years working towards.

I just want to stay home and be left alone.

Every day I push myself to go do my job and it’s demands.

I often find myself daydreaming about not having to work or worry about making money.

To just be able to not work would be amazing

I think I’m mostly just really worn out from four intense years of study and work and now my mind and body want a rest.

I’m really looking forward to a two week staycation over Christmas.

Hopefully that eases my constant day dreaming about not working.

11. Everything is fun for awhile.

I was unemployed for over a year in my youth, and I mostly spent that time playing games and lazing around.

It was really fun at first, no responsibilities, all the time in the world. But man did I soon realize that all the time in the world made it feel like you had none of it. The joy of having that time slipped out of my fingers and the days simply blurred together.

I think if I became rich in some way, I’d still need some way to keep me occupied, so to give my free time some contrast. Perhaps not with my current job, but I’d need to find something to do professionally. Perhaps opening my own business, or doing volunteer work.

10. Take your vacations.

Whatever you do, try not to fall into the habit of not taking vacations – especially if your current employer actually gives you vacation time. It has a weird downstream effect you might not see coming. Anyone who brags about going x years without taking time off is an idiot or a masochist – or both.

I’m an idiot going on four years of 50-70 hour weeks. Not because my employer is bad, quite the opposite, they’re very generous with vacation time, but because I put myself in this position and have effectively micromanaged my own projects to the point that there’s no one else at my office who I could trust with my overly needy clients while gone. Over the years, many things that were dealt with by several people kind of got channeled through my desk simply because I was always available.

Don’t be like me. I’ve dug this hole so deep that the thought of just planning a vacation – let alone shifting work around and actually taking the damn thing – is exhausting. Instead, I’m burnt out af and have trouble completing daily tasks such that those needy clients would probably be better off if I let someone else manage things for a week or two.

9. Some people would get bored.

Other than my wife, every single other person I’ve talked to about this phenomenon says that they couldn’t do it. They say that they’d get bored and would have to at least get a part time job to pass the time. My wife and I know that we could very well just never work again without a problem.

8. Too bad we have to eat.

I feel the exact same way. I just want the world to leave me alone.

7. Never do what you love for a living.

Every time I’ve turned a hobby or interest into work, it’s just made me hate that hobby. Too much of anything sucks, and 45 hrs per week is too much

6. That would be the dream.


My ideal dream life would be to win the 30 mil jackpot then move to a quiet location in the woods where I have internet but dont have to deal with people on a daily basis and do whatever the fuck I want.

I don’t need a lavish life, I need a free one!

5. A life of leisure.

I feel exactly the same. I cannot understand people that say if they won the lottery they’d get bored. That’s insane to me. I have so many books I want to read, films to watch, video games to play, countries to visit, raves and festivals to go to. Why would you rather work instead of doing those things?! I want to start a family but what’s the point when you only see your child in the evenings and weekends when you’re all tired?

I was home educated but my parents are hippies and me and my siblings had no formal education. We just hung out. Played games, saw friends, went swimming in the river, read books, played with our cats. We’d visit castles or towns we’ve never been to. Make beer, take photographs, paint. I miss being able to do whatever I want.

4. What humans are meant to do.

I went on a seven week road trip in my RV with an SO a couple years back, took a temporary leave from work. Doing zero work for weeks on end and having nothing I had to do except check out beautiful mountains and have sex was 100% up my alley.

There was a moment a few weeks in when I realized… I just felt at home. I didn’t miss being productive, I didn’t think about work, I wasn’t stressed out, I was just completely fine.

3. Dogs are never a bad idea.

If I won the lotto, I’d road trip for years. Have one nice home near my family in NY and get a few condo units around the country for seasonal trips (like in Disney FL, Wilmington NC, Denver CO, Laguna Hills CA).

Visit every national park and practice my photography skills

Disney World – whenever I get the urge

Travel to every concert and music festival I’d be interested in

Dogs….soooo many dogs

Motorcycle tours of our nation’s most scenic roads

Go fishing

Explore the best dining experiences in every region


Lather, rinse and repeat! Heck, I can buy a farm in Kentucky and spend the rest of my days rescuing dogs.

2. There’s something for everyone. Maybe.

My wife works full-time and earns enough for a single income to keep us at above average comfort.

I have been trying to get my feet under me as a freelance writer, editor, designer, etc.

I have been “officially” underemployed for a year now.

It f*cking sucks.

I feel like a piece of sh%t, even though I know that I’m working towards a career that I would love.

I wish I had the discipline to hold a “normal” job.

But alas, Scatter Brain Jane over here hates leaving the house.

1. Working for the weekend is bs.

If you think about it, it’s a tragedy that we have to spend such a huge portion of our short lives working for someone else, usually doing something we don’t want to do.

I’d have to say I agree with most of these commenters.

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