This Guy’s Jeopardy Answer Wasn’t ‘Gangsta’ Enough and It’s Hilarious


I watch Jeopardy! on a pretty regular basis, and I’ve never seen anything like this before. But I have to say – it’s absolutely hilarious.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Jeopardy!

I hope Alex Trebek agrees with me. Recently, a Jeopardy! contestant named Nick answered a question, and Mr. Trebek told him he nailed it. But then, the show’s judges decided Nick’s answer wasn’t 100% correct. Look at the video.

Shocking, right? That might’ve been the first time Alex Trebek has ever used the word “gangsta” on TV or in life. And poor Nick lost $3,200 because of it.

The incident went viral and people shared their thoughts on Twitter.

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And here’s the final word on the matter.

Photo Credit: Twitter, roywoodjr

Please remember to keep it gangsta, y’all.

h/t: Distractify