When a sad, dirty teen with unwashed, tangled, and matted hair walked into her beauty salon, stylist Kayley Olsson didn’t make a face or turn her away. She also didn’t comply with the girl’s emotionless request to just “cut it off,” despite the fact that the girl hadn’t brushed her hair in who knew how long and restoring her hair would take many hours (13 to be exact).

The girl confided that she’d been dealing with severe depression for a few years and only got up to use the restroom. She felt worthless for not even bothering to brush her hair. It was that word – worthless – that broke the stylist’s heart.

Olsson became determined to help the teen keep her hair and also to feel better about herself when she left.

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This picture is where they started, and, gosh, I wouldn’t have even known where to begin. Kudos to Ms. Olsson for being up for the challenge.

It took her two days – 8 hours on the first, and 5 on the second – to achieve the transformation. Some people took issue with the fact that the girl’s parents weren’t taking better care of her, while others focused on a good deed done in a time of need. Anyway you cut it, we’re all glad that the teen found her way to Olsson.

The Facebook post below chronicles Kayley’s experience and reaction in her own words.

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Don’t stop scrolling yet! Transformation pics coming up!

Photo Credit: Facebook

And just in time for school pictures!

Leaving the salon, the teen told Olsson, “I will actually smile for my school pictures today, you made me feel like me again.”

On a serious note, please keep your eyes and ears open for those with depression asking for help. It may not be in so many words, but a lack of interest in things like personal hygiene can be a real red flag. Be kind to each other out there.

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