Hallmark Christmas Movies Are So Popular During the Holiday Season Because People Want an Escape from Everyday Life

©Hallmark Channel

I have to admit, the older I get, the more mindless entertainment I tend to watch to relax at the end of a long day (or a long week). I definitely don’t always need to watch something dark and thought-provoking anymore to give my brain a workout.

That’s why I’ve watched Air Bud: Golden Receiver 75 times this year…is that weird?


But back to the point…

Part of the reason why Hallmark Christmas movies are insanely popular is that people want to escape the everyday stresses of life and our current news cycle, which, let’s be honest, isn’t very positive or uplifting. Tens of millions of viewers watch Hallmark Christmas movies, and the Hallmark Channel has already hit record-breaking numbers in 2019 since their “Countdown to Christmas” programming kicked off on October 25.

One woman who is a huge fan of the Hallmark Christmas movies said, “It’s just something to watch that’s mindless and doesn’t stress you out. It’s not political. It’s something somebody can watch and just be happy about, something that can take your mind off the world for a little bit.”

According to Michelle Vicary, the executive vice president of programming and network publicity for Crown Media Family Networks, which owns the Hallmark Channel,

“People need to feel good. They need to feel positive. There’s so much good television that is dark, edgy, and fantastic. But in the huge spectrum of the human experience, things can also turn out okay. Life can be good and life can be positive, and people need that too. That’s where we come in and that’s where our brand comes in and delivers on an emotional experience that says, ‘You know what, things are going to turn out okay, and you’re good and life is good.’”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to see how this big-city lawyer guy is going to fare in the small, rural town where he got isolated for Christmas because he got a flat tire. Will he find love and learn to appreciate the peoples’ small-town charm?

We’ll see!