‘Harry Potter’ Actors Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis Argue About the Joys of Aging on Twitter

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Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton (Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies) both came to fame as child actors. They grew up as the 8 movies followed the students of Hogwarts from middle schoolers to high school graduates, but since then, they’ve had different experiences with growing older.


Which is to say, while Tom Felton would definitely be interested in perfecting an anti-aging spell, Matthew Lewis says not so fast.

It all began when Tom donned a Slytherin robe and posed next to a picture of himself in the early years of Draco Malfoy with the caption “Aging’s a b*tch.”


I mean, most of us can relate.

But others…they’ve improved so much with age that there’s no way they would go back, even if there was a spell for that.

Enter Matthew Lewis, who has gotten infinitely better looking since the days of his film debut.

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Actually, he’s gotten so much better looking that now there’s a word for it – it’s called Longbottoming, or pulling a Longbottom.

You know, like when you run into the dorky kid from middle school after he’s gone to the private boys high school and done a year at University and you hardly recognize him now – he’s Longbottomed.

It’s a thing, I swear.

A thing for when this:


Turns into this.


And this.


Somebody turn on a fan, because it’s suddenly hot in here.