Some Offices Are Using Greta Thunberg’s Disapproving Face to Get Workers to Use Less Plastic

Image Credit: Twitter

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has found herself in the world’s spotlight over the past several months as her previously solitary climate strikes caught on across the globe.

The teenager is encouraging others in her generation (and beyond) to treat climate change like the crisis that it is – and some companies in Israel are hoping she can do the same for their employees.

We all need to do our part, after all, and cutting down on our individual plastic use is one good way everyone can contribute.

So, while these companies still offer plastic options, they hope seeing the angry teenager’s face will encourage people to choose the recyclable options, instead.

Her face has popped up in some surprising places.

And it seems like it might be working, since people are trying to hide her judgmental stare as they go about their day.

The truth is, even if we could hide from Greta (or her image, in this case) we can’t hide from the truth that our collective choices are putting the planet on a path we soon won’t be able to correct.

If this is what it takes to make people think twice, I say it’s worth a try!