Have Celebrities Become More Irrelevant Lately? Here’s What People Said.

Well, this is a hot take…

But maybe this person is on to something…

Has the worldwide pandemic that we’ve been living through the past year-and-a-half kept celebrities off our radar more? And as a result, people just don’t pay attention to them as much anymore?


People on AskReddit debated whether celebrities have become more irrelevant lately.

Let’s take a look.

1. Refreshing.

“It’s kind of refreshing honestly.

Not having to hear about weird Hollywood award events where they all clap to their personal gods and give themselves a pat on the back.

You don’t really hear about their marriage issues, who’s getting with who, who’s had an affair, the types of clothes they like to wear, all of these weird influencers getting TV shows. And everything related to the Kardashians.

Now whenever I happen to see a celebrity post a video online their fickle attempts at attention grabbing are really obvious, and they give off a “look at what I did today I’m special” vibe.”

2. Are we?

“Remember when they told us that we were all in this together?

Kinda hard for me to imagine when they’re living in mansions and I’m over here hoping that gas won’t jump another 20 cents overnight.”

3. Might be right.

“The pandemic cost the traditional celebrities the constant exposure they need that gives them power and keeps them relevant, while internet and social media personalities are now gaining everyone’s attention and the influence and power that comes with it.

It’s the old gods vs. the new gods.”

4. Decentralized.

“It’s the age of decentralized art.

When everyone is a celebrity, no one is, and the only way to float to the top is to actually bring something unique to the table. What’s also great about this iteration is that collaboration / variations are encouraged, kind of marrying the ideology of jazz and pre-Beatles pop music (lots of covers of standards) with the ideology of open source (think almost github).

This will probably result in a more hivemindey content creation, but some individuals will also poke through. This is gonna be interesting and I for one welcome it.”

5. No more autopilot.

“I think the pandemic took everyone out of autopilot and made us put more thought into what we consume. Mass media was able to convince people what to care about and we kept falling for it.

In the last year, we had so much more time to reflect on what really matters in life. before the pandemic I was following kylie, Kendal, and Kim Kardashian, now I follow none of them. Society wants authenticity and celebrities/Hollywood are far from that.

Notice how celebs & influencers new marketing strategy is faking public vulnerability to promote partnerships or music. The pandemic has brought a sense of community and were more concerned with what the average person is doing than the “stars”, rich and/or famous people in another realm.

At the same time, people are embracing individuality. this is why tiktok is doing so well.”

6. Not really any better.

“On the flip side, I got way too into politics during the dang pandemic. It was almost all I consumed. During the election, I was not a functioning human being.

I was glued to updates from NYT, and I d**n near cried after it was finally certified– but I was still a bundle of nerves until Biden was finally, finally inaugurated and we gave Trump the boot.

It f**ked my mental health hard, and I’ve been getting therapy ever since. It helps, but God d**n– I can’t speak for anyone but me, but I 100% traded out celebrity gossip for political trends, and it wrecked me.”

7. Stratified.

“The truth is celebrities are bigger than ever, its just become more stratified. It used to be just movie stars, athletes, and musicians.

But now we have instagram stars, tiktokers, youtube personalities, twitch streamers, twitter pundits, politicians with fan clubs, podcasters with millions of listeners, in addition to the usual tv, movie, and music stars. I mean a tv celebrity was literally just president!

If anything celebrities are bigger than theyve ever been before, and are making more money than ever before too thanks to the ease of sponsorship on social media.”

8. Maybe…

“It might have something to do with the recent heightened focus on income inequality in the zeitgeist.

People are paying less positive attention to the wealthy, so those who would have otherwise craved attention are now more cautious.”

9. Delays.

“A lot of movies and tv programs were delayed due to the pandemic.

Since there isn’t a lot of new content to promote, the studios and networks haven’t been “leaking” as much gossip.

When new shows and films start to be released again, there will probably be a big increase in the amount of “news” stories concerning celebrities.”

10. New medium.

“Internet personalities are just becoming the new celebrities.

Influential entertainment people aren’t going away, they are just changing the medium.”

11. Slow it down…

“The world has slowed down a bit, for the better.

The rating for The Golden Globes dropped 63% this year.

I think a lot of hollywood celebrities and people are waking up to it all.”

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