He Admitted Why He Disowned His Parents. Is He a Jerk?

I can’t imagine how bad a situation must be for someone to disown their parents.

But, sadly, you hear about it all the time.

And this man asked the fine folks on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if he was a jerk for telling his parents’ friends why he disowned his folks.

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AITA for telling my parents’ friends the real reason why I disowned them?

“I (22M) used to think I was an only child because I didn’t know my father’s side of the family (My father is from Dresden in Germany, my mom is Latina) well I knew about them but never actually visited them, (since we live in another country) it was only phone calls until last year when I visited “meine Oma” (grandma) that I found out something terrible.

To summarize, my dad was married with four kids when he met my mom, my mom knew he was married so my dad ended up divorcing his wife (because my mom got pregnant) and disowned his kids, my dad didn’t pay child support and didn’t see them again.

I was disgusted by this because I never knew about this, my parents were fervent Catholics (They “don’t” believe in divorce), and my dad was world’s dad number one and I always thought my mom was different but she’s just a homewrecker, so this was shocking and I ended up disowning them (it’s been almost a year).

They constantly text me to let me know they miss me and wish to see me again but I just ignore them, I have a relationship with his kids and they’ve told me that my dad has reached out to them to make amends but they just refuse.

Here is the thing, I used to be religious (by force) but not anymore, my parents go to church and actively participate in every activity, they even attend a group of married couples every Thursday and they are friends with this older couple who are some kind of role models in the church community, we’ll call them K and J.

K and J showed up at my house two weeks ago, because “God told them to get me back to the right way” (I’m sure my parents asked them to come because after they left, my parents texted me to ask if they came).

So, they started lecturing me about the “importance of obeying and honouring our parents because we obey and honour God”, that I should fulfill my filial duties, etc, etc, etc, etc among many other things, I was tired and didn’t want to deal with them so I said:

“Ok, tell my parents that if they want me back, they can come and face the issue for once in their lives and before you keep trying to convince me to go back to them you should know that the reason why I disowned them is that my dad is a cheater who abandoned four kids in another country and didn’t bother to support in any way and my mom is a homewrecker who knowingly made her way into a marriage”

Their faces went white and they left, I haven’t heard from them but my cousin says that my parents haven’t had it easy, she says that no one in the church talks to them and excluded them from activity this week.

Tell me AITA?”

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