He Asked His Sister if Her Wedding Was Really Worth It. Is He a Jerk?

I’d venture to guess that people don’t have a great relationship with a sibling if they ask a question like this.

It’s kind of like a “gotcha” question meant to make someone feel put on the spot…and feel kind of sh**ty.

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AITA for asking my sister if her wedding was “worth it”?

“My (27M) sister (24F) got married last Saturday. It was a nightmare.

She and my mom spent nearly the entire year in the lead up to the event talking about it. This wouldn’t have bothered me if it was excitement fueling all of those conversations, but instead it was stress.

I’ve never seen the appeal of a big wedding, but watching this play out has solidified my point of view. My husband and I got married in a small ceremony in front of only close family and friends (maybe 25 people there at most), hosted a slightly bigger reception for others we also wanted to celebrate with, and called it a day.

There was no anxiety about planning, no looming dread that this perfect day we had built up in our heads might not go 100% as planned. Just us celebrating our love with people we love.

My sister’s wedding was the antithesis of that. It was over the top. The guest list was already massive, and then she allowed children there on top of that. If you can imagine 200+ people plus kids running around what is supposed to be a peaceful event and NOT get anxious, I envy you.

I already knew the whole thing was going to go terribly, as much as I h**e to say it. You can’t welcome that level of mayhem while also having your itinerary planned down to the minute.

There was nothing intimate or personal. It seemed she was inviting ‘friends’ she hadn’t spoken to in years just to fill out more seats. The whole thing was ostentatious and I have no idea who she was trying to impress. Myself and the rest of our siblings are all in similar financial situations. Just because you have the money to pay for something doesn’t mean you should.

My husband and I were ready to head home right after the ceremony, but we played nice and stuck around. At one point over the course of the night she ended up in tears, unsurprisingly. I got roped into trying to comfort her, and I asked my sister if it was worth it.

Was all the planning and stress and money dropped on this event worth the final outcome. My mom told me that my attitude the entire day had been terrible, the comments from my husband and I were distasteful, and that the question I had asked was awful and rude. I haven’t spoken to either she or my sister since.


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