Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Not Letting Her Fiancée Pick Her Bridesmaids

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Have you ever heard about a man demanding that HE be one to pick his fiancée’s bridesmaids?

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AITA for not letting my fiancée choose my bridesmaids?

“Me (28f) and my fiancé (35m) are getting married next year.

I was unemployed for about 10 days and I taught it was a good idea to start planning the wedding then because I had so much time on my hands. I planned everything with my fiancés backing and approval.

He is a hands off groom and every time I would pitch an idea or tell him about the DJ or photographer I found he would say “ yes that’s fine” or “sure, do what you want” so I did.

In my country there are a few rules (traditions) when it comes to picking your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

First you need to have an odd number of bridesmaids and groomsmen (usually 3 off each for a small wedding like ours),second the bridesmaids and groomsmen can’t be married and third they shouldn’t be your family members because the act of being a bridesmaid or a groomsmen is to welcome them as part of your family in a way, so it wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

We had already agreed on who our bridesmaids and groomsmen were going to be and told them about it too.

Today my fiancé remembered after months of planning that he wants his nieces (19) to be bridesmaids too (we haven’t even seen them in 3 years because they are in different cities but he just remembered when I mentioned me and my bridesmaids should just go to the same salon on the day).

I said that’s not happening and he started saying I should have known that they wanted to be bridesmaids (I have only spoken to the girls once 3 years ago when marriage wasn’t even on the table).

I explained to him that: 1 he is not the one that is going to be with them all day and this is my decision 2 they are already family and I had to refuse my own cousin because of this tradition. 3 they are still young and will expect their teenage boyfriends to be groomsmen.

Realistically they will break up in a few months because that’s what teenagers do and I’ll be left with some strangers in my family photos. Plus we don’t have an additional 2 male friends that we would want to be our groomsmen that fit that criteria.

Now he is saying that I did not let him pick anything and he never has any say in our wedding plans.

I have brought up the subject of our wedding countless of times and he shuts me down because he doesn’t care and now I’m the bad guy.

I think he went behind my back and already told them to be bridesmaids without my permission when he remembered and called them on their birthday (they are twins) and that’s why he keeps insisting.

Reddit am I right or am I just being a controlling bridezilla without realizing it?”

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