He Called His Sister a Terrible Parent. Was He a Jerk?

The truth hurts

Especially when it comes to calling out people about being bad parents…

And, on top of that, it can be even more painful when you call out people in your own family.

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AITA for saying my sister was being a terrible parent and feeding her daughter even after she told me not to?

“So recently my (22M) sister (27F) asked me to babysit her 5 year old daughter for the day as her and her friends wanted to go out for the day, that was fine and I said yes as I was free for the day.

However, when I came to her house, she told me that I wasn’t allowed to give her lunch. I asked why and she told me it’s “setting habits for the future” so her daughter can have a “beautiful slender figure”. She also said that it’s part of her own “beauty program” where her daughter is not allowed to have lunch in a day because she doesn’t want her to become overweight. I told her it was ridiculous to not allow a FIVE YEAR OLD to have lunch, she just said whatever and left.

About three hours after my sister had left, her daughter (let’s call her Zoe) started saying she was very hungry. There was still around 2-3 hours until my sister came back so, I gave Zoe an apple and made her a sandwich to keep her happy because it didn’t feel right to leave her hungry like that.

When my sister got back, I told her that Zoe was hungry so I gave her some food to eat and that I had only given her an apple and a sandwich. However, my sister was very irritated by this, and said that I “knew what she had requested” but that I was “purposely not doing what I told you to do just because you want to wind me up”.

I told her, that she was being a terrible parent by refusing to give her daughter lunch. This made my sister even more angry, she said that it was ”her parenting style“ and that she “only wants the best for Zoe” and that it was “not your child so you have no say in this” eventually she started shouting and made me leave.


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