He Called Off His Wife’s Birthday Party After She Lied to Him. Was He Wrong?

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AITA for calling off my wife’s birthday party after she lied about bringing my daughter with her to the restaurant?

“I’m prefacing this by saying that I (m38) have a daughter “Sandy” (f16) with an incredibly sensitive personality and loves to help people.

We come from a well off background compared to her friends and so for the past few months, she has been doing some charity work. she’s cut her hair and donated it to cancer patients, pawned her things and sold some of her expensive clothes/shoes and/or gave them away to help out her friends and other families.

Now she wears thrift shop clothes which is something my wife isn’t so happy with, she thinks that Sandy was/is painting a bad picture of us as neglectful parents and giving a false impression to people that were poor where in fact we’re doing well financially.

I admit my wife is all about appearances and recently and recently I started noticing that she’s been excluding Sandy from events/gatherings because of how she dresses.

I talked to her about it and she said it was all in my head. But last week was my wife’s was birthday. We celebrated at a restaurant and I asked my wife to get Sandy and meet me there, although at first she hinted that if Sandy refuse to dress “properly” then she wouldn’t bring her but I told her that if she didn’t bring her then we’d have an issue and the party would be called off.

We waited and then I saw my wife walk into the restaurant by herself, I was mad I’m not gonna lie I asked her where sandy was and she told me she ‘didn’t feel like coming’ even though she talked about how excited she was for this party.

I just had this gut feeling that my wife was lying so I texted sandy and sure enough, my wife gave her an ultimatum saying either she had to wear “something that matches our class” or she wouldn’t be allowed to come to her birthday where her friends and family are gathered.

I went and called Sandy outside and she was crying, I was furious I walked inside the restaurant and picked up an argument with my wife and told her family and friends exactly why Sandy wasn’t there.

My wife looked shocked, she started arguing with me and I ended up calling off the entire event and having everyone else leave early. My wife literally started yelling at me at the restaurant so I took my stuff and went home.

She got back and kept yelling at me for ruining her birthday and making a scene and humiliating in front of her friends and family, she said that Sandy was acting stubborn and that’s on her but I told her she acted unreasonably by excluding her like that.

Sandy was crying because of it and I felt like this too big to look over despite my wife saying that it wasn’t a bug deal and ruined her birthday for no reason.

She went to stay with her family and won’t even reply to my texts, she just reads them but don’t respond. Probably expecting me to apologize for what happened.

AITA? Did I go too far?”

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