He Didn’t Share His Dinner With His Diabetic Roommate and It Led to a Medical Issue. Is He a Jerk?

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A guy took to the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit to ask the readers there if he was wrong for not sharing his dinner with his diabetic roommate…because it didn’t end well.

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AITA for not sharing my dinner with my diabetic roommate and causing him to have a hypoglycemic episode?

“I (23M) rent with 3 guys, Ty, Michael, Simon, Simon has diabetes and he’s having a hard time managing it.

Here’s how the problem started – I’m the last to get home, I arrive at 8 where the guys are all home. Every time I try to order food from the restaurant, I’d ask the guys if they want to order as well. they say no at first but once my food arrives, they gather around me in the living room and help themselves to my food. It irked me a lot since it kept happening and I’m too nice to tell them off.

Days ago, I came home Simon sitting on the couch, the other guys were still out. Before I ordered food, I, again asked if he wanted some and he said no, this time to avoid having to share my food, I decided to go eat in my room once the food arrived. NGL I got some looks from Simon but I thought nothing of it.

I went to bed at 11pm. and at around 2am I woke up to loud knocking on my door, I then opened the door and Ty yelled saying that Simon just had a hypoglycemic episode and Michael drove him to the hospital after I refused to share my dinner with him earlier. from what I understand, he didn’t eat for hours and was counting on eating dinner with me but I took the food to my room and he didn’t get any.

Ty and I started arguing after he called me selfish f**k for hiding/withholding the food and letting Simon go through this knowing he’s diabetic and can’t stay without food for long periods of time. He thanked God they recognized his symptoms and took him the the hospital early.

I said I already asked if Simon wanted to eat and he said no – Ty said it’s cause of Simon was gonna say that since he’d no money to buy food and was hoping I’d share but I hid it instead. I said I wasn’t obligated to pay for others food which set him off on me about how horrible my attitude was over few dollars but money is an issue for me.

Simon hasn’t talked to me but Michael and Ty kept blaming me and said that they no longer trust me around Simon. Moreover, Michael called Simon’s parents. I had an argument with him cause of this and he said I have no excuse for treating a diabetic like that.

I’ve been getting a lot of bashing from them over that and I have been feeling incredibly guilty thinking that I might have contributed to this in a way.”

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