He Flashed His Abs After Getting Unsolicited Diet Advice. Is He a Jerk?

Get a load of my abs!

I’ve never said that and I don’t really see myself doing it anytime soon…

But this guy did the deed and now he wants to know if he acted like an a**hole.

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AITA for flashing my abs after getting unsolicited diet advice?

“Last Saturday, I (30/m) was meeting my girlfriend’s (25/f) friends for the first time. Since I’m currently in the middle of an intense weightlifting program, I’m eating a crazy amount. My girlfriend being the champion she is decided that we could go to a nice all-you-can-eat buffet in our city for lunch with her friends.

We met in front of the restaurant where she introduced me to her friends (two women and one man). About 30 minutes into lunch, the conversation turned to fitness/nutrition because someone had asked what I was interested in. Around that time I got my third full plate of ham, chicken, veggies, and a big bowl of macaroni because I could. I mean, I grew up with serious food insecurity. If I’m going to spend $60 to eat at a buffet, I’m going to be the reason the buffet doesn’t cost $50 instead.

Around this time one of her friends, a nutritionist, told me I was eating way too much. I honestly thought this crossed the line because who the hell says something like that at a freaking buffet of all places? I responded by assuring her that I was lifting really hard and trying to gain weight. This apparently was interpreted as an open invitation to give me more unsolicited advice, so she continued that I was going to put on a lot of bodyfat and overstress my organs eating like that all the time, plus I couldn’t put muscle mass on that quickly anyway.

I let her rant run its course thinking it would be over soon, but she kept pushing the issue every time I said I was fine. This easily went on for five minutes while everyone else was talking about other stuff. Eventually I got tired of it, stood up, and pulled up my T-shirt to show my abs. I told her I had been eating like this for several months and if she could show me where I was getting metabolic syndrome.

She then continued debating about how I probably had a lot of visceral fat (32″ waist) and that she was only trying to help. Again, I told her I was fine and kept eating. Finally the other people at the table remembered we existed and there was a lot of awkward silence.

Well, yesterday my girlfriend approached me and said her friends don’t like me very much. We had already argued about this on Saturday after we all left, and I told her what I did was absolutely reasonable considering the circumstances. Now she’s giving me these cryptic messages about how much she values her friends and how she has known them longer than she has known me. I’m afraid I stepped over a line, but was I really wrong here?”

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