This Teenager Cussed Out a Woman at the Park. Did He Act Like a Jerk?

I was always taught to respect my elders when I was growing up, but gosh darn it, there were a bunch of times that I wanted to give certain adults a piece of my mind.

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AITA for cussing at a lady at the park?

“I (14M) recently took my sister (4F) to a park close to my house, she was pretty excited to go because her dad bought her a bicycle and she wanted to try it out

When we arrived there was a lady with her 2 sons and a daughter, I made eye contact with the lady and just smiled and waved at her to be nice. After 15 minutes or so my sister was playing on the swings because she got scared and didn’t want to ride the bicycle anymore

I looked away for a second to say hello to my uncle since he lives close to us and he was passing by and when I turned my head around to check on my sister I saw she was crying and the lady’s sons were using my sisters bike, I approached the kids and politely asked them to please leave the bike alone and use theirs (the 3 kids had brought their own bikes) they ignored me and continued to play with the bike.

I decided to go up to the lady and ask her if she could talk to her sons, she responded with “My kids are having fun and yours isn’t using the bike so I don’t see a problem” I then responded with “I’m aware that she isn’t using it, but it’s her bike and your kids have their bikes so I don’t see a reason for them to use hers”

She then started going on about how I have no reason to talk to her like that if I was going around getting girls pregnant, insinuating that my sister was my daughter, at this point I was pissed and didn’t want to deal with this lady.

So I angrily said “Lady, she’s my sister, and I believe I have the right to talk considering I’m not being a little b**ch, so I’m going to ask again, are you going to tell your little rats to get off my sisters bike or not”, she then got up and told her kids to get in the car.

Later when I got home I told my mom about it thinking she would see it as a funny story, boy was I wrong, she started going on about how I was so rude to that lady and that I need to learn to respect my elders

Am I the a**hole?”

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