He Gave His Mom a Book About Cheating for Her Wedding Anniversary. Did He Go Too Far?

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It deals with some family drama of the ugliest kind: infidelity.

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AITA for gifting my mom and her husband a book on cheating for their anniversary?

“I’m (16 M) and I love my mom (35) but when I was 10 she had an affair and left us, I visited her as often as I could and she always seemed so happy when I was there but I h**ed her new family so I stopped visiting.

Honestly we rarely ever saw each other after just for my birthday and events really. She wants us to be close but I want nothing to do with her new husband so I’ve kept my distance.

Except on Feb 20th my dad announced he’d be out on business till the 12th and my grandparents are stuck visiting relatives in Italy and so I really had nowhere to go and my mom jumped at the chance to have me stay with her. And just my luck that my mom’s anniversary with her husband was on Sunday.

I haven’t had a good time here at all so all I do is stay in my room doing homework or go out with friends to avoid family activities cause it sucks seeing how lovey dovey she is with her husband and how they seem like the perfect family with their daughters.

The morning before her anniversary day she came to my bed and tried to cuddle with me like before she left us but it made me angry like we can’t go back in time and pretend it’s how it was. So I just pretended to be asleep and stayed curled up and frozen till she left. I started crying cause of that and I felt angry and snarky and my mom majored in literature so I got her a copy of Anna Karenina for her anniversary.

That book’s about a lady who leaves her husband and son for her lover. I’ve never read it but I watched the movie with my girlfriend and I h**ed it.

The anniversary party was on Sunday. Everyone was having fun but me and then people gave their gifts. I gave mine and when my mom saw what it was she seemed shocked but just said thanks. The party ended like an hour after. But at night when she was in her room I heard her crying really loudly.

So I kinda eavesdropped a little and heard her saying stuff about that book and me and her husband trying to calm her. The next day at breakfast she left for work early before I woke up and her husband straight up called me an a**hole and other stuff for gifting them that.

It’s been a few days now and my mom has barely talked to me. Honestly I feel so wrong I made my mom cry but at the same time I don’t want to be here and she knows that so am I really the a**hole?”

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