He Got His Girlfriend a Gift Basket of Things She Avoided During Her Pregnancy. Is He Wrong?

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AITA for getting my girlfriend a gift basket full of things she avoided during pregnancy?

“I (m26) became a dad a month ago. Hence, why I’m posting at 4 am. I can’t sleep. I got my girlfriend (f24) who I was living with pregnant. Her parents never really approved of me after that.

When I brought her home after the birth, her parents came with us. I paid a buddy of mine to buy a bunch of things she couldn’t have while pregnant or avoided while pregnant and put them in a basket. Some notable items were sushi, an expensive bottle of her favorite wine and a keureg machine.

I know she misses having a glass every once in a while. She’s been especially strong when I had my buddies over to watch sports and we had a few beers. Also she loves her coffee and I couldn’t tell you how she went to work for 8 months without it. So I felt bad and splurged.

When her parents saw this gift they called me uneducated and said that the alcohol can get in the breast milk. I told them I did my research and they said that it is immature to gift alcohol to a woman who just gave birth.

I may be overthinking this but AITA?”

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