He Got Upset at His Girlfriend for Giving His Mom a Tattoo. Is He Wrong?

You gave my mom a tattoo?!?!

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AITA for getting upset at my GF for giving my mom a tattoo?

“My(25m) girlfriend (22f) and I have been together for over a year. She’s covered in tattoos which I’ve always liked. She’s always been artistic and has been tattooing herself and friends for years.

My parents are more conservative and traditional so when they planned a trip to visit us I told her to just wear longer clothes to cover them up. She refused and on the day they visited she wore a crop top with shorts which showed off most of her tattoos. I warned her again before they came in about it but she just shrugged me off.

I was shocked when my parents came in and just started complimenting her on the tattoos especially my mom. My mom spent ages to her talking about tattoos so me and my dad went out to the backyard.

When we came back in my mom rushed up to my father to show off the tattoo my girlfriend gave her it was four small flowers running up her arm she said it represented our family.

My dad loved it and my mom was busy telling everyone on Facebook about it, my girlfriend then came downstairs and I asked her why would she put that on my mom without asking me she laughed in my face and said my mom was a grown woman.

My parents then took my girlfriends side so I just stormed off upstairs. I could hear them for hours downstairs until my parents left. It’s been a few days and I can’t bring myself to talk to her after she did that behind my back.”

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