He Had His Neighbor’s Car Towed. Is He a Jerk?

You break the rules, you pay the price.

You know it, I know, WE ALL KNOW IT.

And this man had his neighbor’s car towed after they boxed one of his cars in.

Did he go too far?

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AITA for having my neighbor’s car towed after she boxed in my fiancée’s car in our driveway?

“My fiancée (30f) and I (29m) barely moved into this house a few months ago. The first week we noticed a car parked right on our driveway which obviously didn’t belong.

When we went outside the lady who lived next door asked if this was okay. Her house is right at the corner of the street and there’s no driveway. She said the last owner was fine with letting her park there so she hoped we wouldn’t mind. Our driveway is big enough for two cars so we said for now it was okay.

After our son was born and I had to go back to work we decided to buy a second car so it’s easier for her to get around. All 3 cars don’t fit so we had to tell our neighbor she can’t park there anymore.

Ever since it’s become a whole issue. Once she was parked behind me when I was leaving early in the morning so I had to go banging on her door at 6 am. She had the audacity to be mad for waking her up. I reminded her she can’t park there again so we thought she got the message.

2nd time was when we were on our way home from the park. She was already parked there so we would’ve had to park behind her. I went to go knock and she said she was just putting her groceries away since we weren’t home and the driveway is closer.

This last time when it happened my car wasn’t working so my brother came to pick me up early.

My fiancée had to take our son to his 4 month appointment but the lady’s car was parked right behind her so there was no way for her to pull out the driveway. She told me the neighbor wasn’t answering the door.

It got late so she had to reschedule his appointment, I came home after and called the cops to come deal with this because I was just so tired. Since they couldn’t reach her they did end up towing her car. Once she found out she was at my door angry. So she was a few blocks down at a friends house which is why she didn’t answer but now she says she’s stressed because she doesn’t have the money to get her car back and it’s our fault.

Since both our cars were there she assumed we were home and if anything we would have used my car to pull out of the driveway. My neighbor kept complaining how f**ked out we are going to that extreme making her lose her car when she absolutely needs it. We have just ignored her since then but now every time we’re stepping out she glares right at us.

I’ve had my car towed before too so we know it’s a nightmare of a fee to get it out of impound. That’s why I ask if I’m the a**hole. It’s been almost a week since this happened with still no sign of her car parked on the street so obviously she hasn’t got it back yet.”

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