He Made His Stepdaughter Walk Home From the Mall. Is He a Jerk?

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AITA for making my stepdaughter walk home from the mall?

“My wife and I have 4 kids (15, 13, 3, 2). The 15 year old is mine from a previous relationship and the 13 year old is hers. We have a nanny for all of the kids.

My 13 year old went out with friends and asked our nanny to pick them up at 2. The younger two are asleep at 2 so she left them at home with the oldest and went to pick the 13 year old and her friends up.

At 2:30, the nanny called me and said that 13 and her friends weren’t in the car yet and keep saying “almost done” when she asks where they were. The younger two are up by 3 and she didn’t want to leave the oldest alone with them.

I told hr to call 13 and say she had 5 minutes to get to the car or they were walking home (2 miles). I got a call from 13 maybe 20 minutes later asking me to call them an Uber because the nanny left them. She didn’t mention a warning so I called the nanny and confirmed that she called 13.

She sent me a screenshot saying that 13 missed 5 calls from her and read a text warning them that she’d leave them if they weren’t in the car in 5 minutes. I called 13 back and told her they were going to have to walk.

13 got home close to an hour later and was furious with both me and our nanny for making them walk and embarrassing her in front of her friends. My wife thinks 13 should’ve been punished but I shouldn’t have made her walk.


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