He Refuses to Eat His Wife’s Cooking After He Found Out She Was Sabotaging His Calorie Count. Is He Wrong?

Why do people do things like this?

I’m talking about when someone gives another person a hard time when they’re trying to better themselves, whether it be a diet, no drinking, or exercising.

You hear about it all the time!

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AITA for refusing to eat my wife’s cooking after I found out she was sabotaging my calorie counting?

“I’m currently on a fitness journey and I’m trying to get in shape. I’ve been dieting and working out consistently for 6 months and have seen serious changes.

I’m sculpting a 6 pack, my arms, legs, and chest are getting much more muscular, and I feel and look great. My doesn’t like it. She doesn’t like that I go to the gym every day and that I eat healthier now. I think that’s crazy as I’m so much more physically attractive now that I’m shape so she should be in to it.

My wife does the majority of the cooking for the family. Usually I’ll just weigh out meals so I know how much I’m eating (which she also doesn’t like) so I can track what I’m eating accurately.

2 weeks ago, after I weighed out my meal, I went to my sons room to let him know dinner was ready. When I got back to the table I saw my wife mixing my bowl. She eventually admitted that sometimes she puts a little extra butter or oil in my food to slow my weight loss.

This evolved into a small fight after dinner. Now I haven’t eaten her cooking in 2 weeks and she’s upset about that. I’ve been cooking for myself since I can’t trust her to not sabotage my body. She’s been mad about it since and wants me to eat what she cooks for me despite what she did.


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