He Told His Ex-Wife’s Partner He’ll Have No Say in Their Unborn Child’s Name. Was He a Jerk?

This one just sounds weird to me

Someone who’s not involved in the making of a baby trying to throw their two cents in about what the kid’s name will be…and trying to claim to be its parent?

Yeah, that’s not a good idea…

Read on and see if you think this guy was out of line for what he said to his ex-wife’s partner.

AITA For telling My Ex-Wife’s new partner that she is not the parent of our unborn child and has no say in what his name will be?

“My Ex-Wife(F28) and I (M28) split up a few months ago due to her coming out as a l**bian.

The split was quite amicable and we have remained quite good friends. While she did cheat on me during the relationship I understand that it was due to her s**uality, she came from a very conservative Christian household who have cut her off now that she has come out, marrying me was a way of placating her family I suppose.

The issue now arising is the fact that she’s pregnant with our child. During our marriage we agreed that if we had a son we would name him after both of our Grandfathers as they both were very important people in our lives, Samuel Jacob (last name), an issue has been raised by her new partner(F27) over the name.

Now I will fully admit that her new partner and I have never really got along, she was a friend of a friend before she got together with my Ex and we just never saw eye to eye, but we both have tried to be cordial for the sake of my Ex. While we recently were discussing the name of our child the partner out right refused to accept that we were going to name the child Samuel, she had an ex named Samantha who was abusive towards her and said that she could not stand to have her child share the name with her ex.

Now I fully understand that this woman will inevitably be apart of my sons life, but I explained to her the meaning behind why we were naming him Samuel and how important it was to me. My Ex also backed me up saying how this was decided long before she was in the picture and while she was sorry that the name offended her she would leave the decision to me. Her Partner proceeded to get very angry again insisting that HER child would not have that name.

This sent me over the edge, I asked her if I got her pregnant, she of course said no, I asked if she somehow magically got my Ex pregnant, again she said no, I then told her that since she was not the parent of this child and that my Ex and I will give our child the name we want regardless of her opinion.

The Partner proceeded to go ballistic at me calling me h**ophobic for not giving her any input and forcing her into this situation and stormed out of the room. My Ex was also not happy with me but still agreed that I will have the final say in the naming of our child.

This was a few days ago and I haven’t spoken to either of them since. I’ve asked around a few of my friends and have gotten a mixed response when I asked if I was wrong.”

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