He Told His Parents They Need to Accept That Their Family Will Never Be the Same Again. Was He Wrong?

Sometimes, things happen between family members that change the dynamic forever.

And there’s no way to repair the damages.

It’s sad, but it happens to a lot of families.

And this man wants to know if he’s wrong for telling his parents that their family will never be the same again.

Let’s take a look at what happened.

AITA for telling my parents they need to accept that their family will never be the same again?

“I (26m) have not spoken to my brother (27m) in two years. I cut him off and now he is d**d to me.

The reason? He slept with my long term girlfriend at the time Amy (26f) who I had been with for 10 years at that point, so from the age of 14. We were living together, talking about marriage and they had been carrying on behind my back for at least 2 years.

I believe it could be longer but I know it was at least as long as we were living together. I found out and I told the two of them that I never wanted to see them again. My whole family found out from me and things were explosive for a while. My parents went after my brother, as did my sister, to tell him how s**tty what he had done was, how could he do it, was he cruel or just dumb, etc. Eventually things settled and I think what sparked that was Amy getting pregnant with his kid.

I stood firm. I was not interested in having any contact, that as far as I was concerned he was d**d, and I did not care what happened to him. But he was not welcome to be in my life. I was not interested in their kid, etc.

My family accepted it at first. But then when they realized I would avoid family gatherings where they were present, when they realized I would ignore any invitations from my brother to meet his kid or for his wedding, when they realized we would never all be together again they started talking to me about how difficult it is to never have us all in the same room and to feel me fade away from them.

It became even more of an issue when my current girlfriend Ellie and I found out she was pregnant which was unplanned and unexpected. We’ve only been together a year. But we’re happy.

My parents told me that it would be nice for the cousins to know each other. I said no. They brought it up again and did so by suggesting I could ignore my brother and Amy but still be present. I told them I got that it was painful for them but they needed to learn to accept that their family will never be the same again and the division will always be there now.

I said I did not want my child knowing Amy or my brother and I did not care to know their kid either. They were upset but said they understood. It was extended family, who had been asking about a baby shower for mine and Ellie’s child that came for me saying I broke my parents and had no right to crush them like that, what if they were dying, would I really refuse to let them have all three kids in a room one last time.


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