He Told His Stepmom to Use Missing Child Support Payments to Buy a Present for His Dad. Was He a Jerk?

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AITA for telling my stepmom that she can use the missing child support payments to fund my part of my dad’s gift?

“Sorry for the wordy title, my (18M) dad left my mom when I was 6 (not because of my step-mom), four years ago he met and married my SM Aida, she had 3 kids from a previous marriage that my dad loved to parent instead of me, after they got together I saw him, at best, 7-8 times every year because they moved 5 hour away.

A year later he had ”a change of heart” and demanded his 50/50 custody, which made me miserable, he built a room for me at his new house, tried to fill the missing years with new gifts, even planned a big birthday party for my 12th birthday, at 13, I stopped going to his place.

For me, he wasn’t my dad. After he left, mom’s brother (who was only 25 at the time) took me in as one of his boys, mom and I moved back to my grandparents place and my uncle lived next door, he already had a kid, and he was always there for me, he’s my father while my aunt is like a second mother for me and my cousin is like the brother I never had.

When I stopped going to my bio-dad’s my mom had to get a second job so I used to sleep at my uncle’s pretty much every day, I didn’t understand why until last year, when my grandma told me my dad had stopped paying child support out of spite and my mom didn’t had the money to take him to court.

Ever since I turned 15, father’s day is about my uncle for me, my cousin and I make him breakfast and plan a fun day with him with a small gift, now that I’m 18, my step-mom sent me a fb message saying that I’m old enough to give my part for my bio-dad’s gift, this year, his step-kids wants to give him a car and that I should put 10% (like 1,800 to 2,100).

I just sent her a lol meme and said she could use my missing child support to cover it. She blocked me and later on one of her kids sent me an AH message.


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