He Wants to Put His Baby Daughter in the Basement. Is He Wrong?

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AITA for wanting to put our baby daughter in the basement?

“My wife (40F), daughter (1F), and I (39M) live in a 2 bedroom house. Currently our daughter sleeps in our room.

My wife and I both work from home and we each have some additional space for our home offices. My wife suggested turning my home office into a play space for our daughter. I suggested sectioning off part of our full basement as a bedroom for our daughter.

Our basement is large, has windows, no issues with dampness/mold etc. My wife thinks I’m the AH for putting our daughter in the basement.


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One reader said this guy is an a**hole and he should put his office in the basement.

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Another person also said he’s an a**hole and he better wise up or HE’LL be spending a lot of time in the basement.

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And this Reddit user said he sounds like an a**hole, but…

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