Man Wants to Know if He’s Wrong for Forgetting to Lock the Door a Few Times a Month

So, you forget to lock the door once in a while, what’s the big deal?

Well, everyone has different feelings about stuff like that and it seems like the guy who wrote this story on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page is in a bit of a pickle…

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AITA for forgetting to lock the door a few times a month?

“Boy I was hoping never to have an issue to put here, but I really need some perspective on this one.

I come from a family that only sometimes locked our doors, so it was never really ingrained in me to keep the door locked at all times. My wife on the other hand came from a family where the norm was to lock everything, get a camera, be suspicious of everyone coming to the door- just hyper concerned about safety in all ways.

As a result, in the beginning of our relationship, I rarely locked our doors and she always did. It gave her a lot of anxiety, especially since we were living in a rough neighborhood at the time.

Since then, I have done my best to keep up with locking the doors. We have since moved to a great apartment in a very safe neighborhood. And though I’m a forgetful person, I have been remembering I lock our door about 8-9 times out of ten. Still working on it though.

Unfortunately, my wife’s anxiety about our safety has just been getting worse. She says she has night terrors and can’t handle worrying if the door is locked. It’s awful that she feels this way and I want to help her out. I’m just struggling to see and understand why this situation is provoking such a huge emotional response.

Extra info: My wife and I live in a newly developed, gated community on the third floor of our apartment building in the very back. Zero crime since we have been living here. I take out the dogs every night so I am the one locking the door. We have a new puppy that needs to go out every 4 hours, and it’s the 4AM walks where I am most likely to forget to lock the door (8/10) vs regularly (9+/10).

My wife is very upset at me and has told me she is going to buy an expensive camera and another device and leave notes everywhere for me to lock the door.

AITH for causing this situation?”

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