He Went to a Restaurant His Girlfriend Likes but He Didn’t Order Food. Is He a Jerk?

I’ll go with you…just don’t ask me to eat any food!

Hmmm, that’s kind of a strange decision, don’t you think…?

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AITA for going to a restaurant she likes, but I don’t order food?

“We were deciding what to eat and she really wanted to go to this restaurant. I was on board with it, but I am super picky and had no idea what this restaurant had.

We get there, I look at the menu, and nothing looks even semi-good. For example, all of the sandwiches had wheat bread only and I hate wheat. Anyway, I let her order her food and when the lady asks what I want, I told her I wasn’t eating. I told my girlfriend I wanted her to enjoy the meal and I was happy to be there.

My girlfriend got so mad, got up and left. I left with her and asked what the big deal was. She insists that I need to be there eating with her. We ended up going somewhere else together, but it irritated me. Am I in the wrong here?”

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One person said that this guy is an a**hole for not being prepared and he should have done some research.

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But another Reddit user said they don’t see an issue with going out to a restaurant but not actually eating anything when you’re with other people.

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And this individual said they understand why his GF is annoyed by this but that doesn’t make this guy an a**hole.

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