Can You Hear This Sound? Cities Are Using This High Pitched ‘Mosquito’ Sound to Get Rid of Teenagers

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Remember the viral sensation of the gold versus blue dress? How about Laurel versus Yanni? It seems these things sight and sound comparisons come around every year or so.

This next viral sensation will make you go Hmmm? Or maybe Ouch!

Kodie Helmer came across the next phenomenon racking up over 95,000 shares on her post:

“I heard on the radio that some businesses and even towns are using a sound wave as a deterrent for teens after curfew, INTERESTING right?! So I looked into it and found a series of sounds that become harder to hear as you *ahem* age. This one in particular cannot be heard by most people over the age of 40.

I CANNOT FLIPPING HEAR THIS!!! But, Chris Helmer can ? I called all our kids in and they were covering their ears!!! So, I got to know below, help me feel better (or worse) Tell me, are you OVER or UNDER 40 and CAN YOU HEAR THIS SOUND?!?!?”

I couldn’t help but check this out. If cities and towns can deter teens with it, it’s gotta be something! Here’s the sound.

Did you hear anything? I sure didn’t! I’m almost forty so my hearing must be going… Drat!

I decided to test this on my husband. He’s forty-three, and I thought if I can’t make out this noise he won’t either. I played it and he shrieked in his recliner, cupping his ears and yelling, “Turn that off! Don’t ever do that again! What the hell is that?”

I asked what it sounded like and he responded, “Like the Devil’s dog whistle.”

(I did play it again. I’m mischievous like that.) 

Anyway, it was strange! How could he cringe and shout and I got nothing?

I did some digging on Helmer’s comment about these sounds shooing away teens after dark and came up with something called the Mosquito. It’s a sonic device used throughout Philadelphia and some other municipalities – but it has also been banned in various cities around the world.

What do you think?