Here Are 5 Places You Can Donate Your Old Coat This Winter

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Winter is coming…

And okay, maybe there are no White Walkers lurking in your neighborhood, but with temperatures dropping, streets frosting, and snow already falling around the country, things can get pretty hairy out there for people unable to afford warm winter clothing.

Chances are you’ve got some extras lying around your closets at home, so below are 5 places you can take them to make sure they get into the hands of people who need them.

#5. Burlington Coat Factory

Photo Credit: Lafayette.edu

The store partners with nonprofit Delivering Good to help provide warm winter clothes to families who need them. If you bring a coat to the store, you’ll receive a 10% discount on any purchase. Last year, they collected around 160,000  coats – check their website for this year’s collection dates.

#4. J. Crew

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If you donate a coat before Christmas Day, J. Crew will give you a $25 discount toward a purchase of $125 or more. Last year, customers donated 12,000 coats as part of the company’s partnership with One Warm Coat.

#3. The Rotary Club

Photo Credit: Rotary.com

Rotary International sponsors local coat drives every year all over the country, so contact your local branch for dates and details.

#2. Citi Field

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

The Mets are partnering with New York Cares on a holiday coat drive. If you bring your coat to Citi Field you’ll receive a voucher good for 2 game tickets in April or May 2019.

If you’re not a New Yorker, check with your local MLB team – many are sponsoring similar events.

#1. DIY

Photo Credit: Pixabay

You can register with national organizations like One Warm Coat and receive tools and resources for planning your own drive – here are some great tips for getting started.

There are also probably several smaller, local charities in your area that collect warm things for the winter, so check around and get out there to do good, people!