Here Are Some Very Relatable Tweets About Being Unemployed

Being unemployed is no laughing matter. We know that.

But we also know that with sooooo many Americans out of work, our duty to make you laugh has been ratcheted up a notch and we want to relieve your stress, if only a little bit for a few minutes.

And just remember, a lot of people are in the same boat as you right now, so we understand what a trying time it is.

But, the reality of the situation has been ugly for a little bit, no doubt about it.

Let’s hope this whole thing turns around and gets better sooner than later.

In the meantime, enjoy these tweets about the ups and downs of unemployment.

1. Think it’ll work?

I sure hope it does…

2. You’re really taking it all in.

Just keep saying it over and over…

3. I did know that!

Now you’re really starting to get it!

4. I’m very busy. Can’t you see that?

I’ll get to you later…if I have the time.

5. Hey, it’s a lot of fun!

Or something like that…

6. Son…let’s have a talk.

Dad! Not again!

7. Well, at least you’re on some kind of a schedule.

Good for you!

8. They do enjoy this time.

Will they be devastated when it’s over???

9. Not the same.

I bet you really miss it, huh?

10. Another Monday…

Here we go again…

11. Sounds kind of fun.

Did you enjoy yourself?

12. Sounds like a hoot!

I’m gonna try it today!

Now we want to hear from YOU.

Have you been able to find any work during this crazy time? Are you climbing the walls because you’ve been stuck in your house for too long?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know how you’re doing!