Here Are the Top 10 Selling Domestic Beers of 2018

©Wikimedia Commons

I know craft breweries are sprouting up like weeds and everyone’s on the hunt for the latest Triple Cranberry Sour Porter (ugh) but what about some love for the old standbys? The watery domestics we all grew up on?

Red and white dynamite (Budweiser), the Bullet (Coors Light), etc. That’s what I’m talking about.

In the spirit of honoring our drinking past, here are the top 10 best selling domestic beers of 2018.

1. Bud Light – $5,256,836,893

Photo Credit: Flickr,slgckgc

2. Coors Light – 2,223,655,578

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

3. Miller Lite – $1,969,841,273

Photo Credit: Flickr,Roger W

4. Michelob Ultra- $1,886,364,820

Photo Credit: Flickr,Junpei Abe

5. Budweiser – $1,853,103,582

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

6. Natural Light – $959,767,887

Photo Credit: Flickr,Simon Doggett

7. Busch Light – $818,729,669

Photo Credit: Flickr,inazakira

8. Busch – $534,294,609

Photo Credit: Facebook,Busch

9. Keystone Light – $440,330,940

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

10. Miller High Life- $425,818,898

Photo Credit: Flickr,Mr.TinDC

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