Here Are the Weirdest Town Names in All 50 States


Have you ever been to Frankenstein, Missouri? How about Pig, Kentucky?

I spent a week in Possumneck, Mississippi once, but that’s a story for another time.

The folks at Estately put together a great infographic that shows the weirdest town names in each state in the U.S.

Photo Credit: Estately

Alabama: Scratch Ankle

Alaska: Chicken

Arizona: Catfish Paradise

Arkansas: Toad Suck

Photo Credit: Flickr,Ken Lund

California: Mormon Bar

Colorado: Parachute

Connecticut: Moosup

Delaware: Flea Hill

Florida: Spuds

Georgia: Flippen

Hawaii: Volcano

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Idaho: Beer Bottle Crossing

Illinois: Chicken Bristle

Indiana: Santa Claus

Iowa: What Cheer

Kansas: Skiddy

Kentucky: Pig

Louisiana: Water Proof

Maine: Bald Head

Maryland: Accident

Massachusetts: Satan’s Kingdom (pictured below)

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Michigan: Free Soil

Minnesota: Little Canada

Mississippi: Possumneck

Missouri: Frankenstein

Montana: Big Sag

Nebraska: Worms

Nevada: Jackpot

New Hampshire: Dummer

New Jersey: Foul Rift

New Mexico: Pie Town

New York: Handsome Eddy

North Carolina: Why Not

North Dakota: Zap

Photo Credit: Flickr,Andrew Filer

Ohio: Dull

Oklahoma: Okay

Oregon: Boring

Pennsylvania: Coupon

Rhode Island: Woonsocket

South Carolina: Coward

South Dakota: Plenty Bears

Tennessee: Smartt

Texas: Ding Dong (pictured below)

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Utah: Nibley

Vermont: Mosquitoville

Virginia: Fries

Washington: Big Bottom

West Virginia: Booger Hole

Wisconsin: Chili

Wyoming: Chugwater

Do you agree with the selection for your state?

By the way, I’m moving to Satan’s Kingdom, Massachusetts.