Here’s A Simple Solution for Keeping Track of Your Remotes If You Have Kids — Tape It to a Large Wooden Spoon or Paint Roller

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One of the laws of the universe is that if there are more than zero children in the home, the remote will be lost most of the time per week. And the smaller, more attractive the remote, the more likely this will occur.

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Remote controls are the forbidden fruit to toddlers. You can give them their own toy remote that is big, plastic, colorful and makes lights and sounds, but that is a waste of money and dozens of C batteries.

The babies don’t care anything about those posers. They want your slim, sleek, black, expensive remote that doesn’t make any noise. Your remote will fit nicely inside another toy, the bottom of the Duplo LEGO box or shoved in a pop-up book ready for the return to the library.

But a low tech solution to this frustrating problem exists. Reddit user ladyjriggs posted a hack so crazy, it just may work.

My low tech solution for keeping track of tiny remotes. If you have kids, do this. Trust me.
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Stylish, it is not. But it is significantly more difficult to lose a remote control when you have duct taped it to a large wooden spoon or paint roller.


Other users offered their own solutions, such as attaching the remote to a curly phone-style cord like at a bank, or using Velcro to stick it to the coffee table.

All good, viable solutions that are not quite as aggressive.

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I’m partial to the wooden spoon method myself, if for no other reason than the satisfaction of grabbing some duct tape and just taping the shit out of it to something make my point.

Hopefully, this trick or one of the (wimpy) alternatives works for you in keeping your remote – and your sanity – safe.