Here’s How Google Flights Can Help You Travel Cheaper

Photo Credit: Screenshot, Google Flights

Traveling is expensive, so looking for cheap flights is crucial if you want to save a little money. Unfortunately, some websites make it hard to find a good deal.

Google Flights just introduced an update meant to help you find the best price for a flight. If you’ve used it recently, you may have seen alerts that pop up and let you know about any nearby airports. These pop-ups were created to help you find cheaper flight options at airports other than the one you initially were looking at.

Photo Credit: Screenshot, Google Flights

Sites such as The Points Guy and Thrifty Traveler first made mention of the new feature, and those guys definitely know what they’re talking about. So, worth checking out.

Pop-ups appear after you click “Nearby Airports” and usually look like this:

Photo Credit: Google Flights

Often times another airport may get you a better price, even if it winds up being slightly less convenient. And with this new update, Google Flights will also advise you on the best itinerary if you do decide to switch to another airport.

In the past, Google Flights allowed you to search for deals by clicking on more than one airport, but this new update makes it easier to play around with options until you find the best one.

In the end, people in larger metropolitan areas will benefit the most because Google Flights will alert them to better deals nearby. It is what it is, big cities just have more airport options.

Additional updates to Google Flights will also give you a glimpse of other types of deals, especially if you have flexible plans.

If you’ve already checked out Google Flights, let us know if it lives up to the hype. We’d love to hear more about whether or not these updates were useful!