People Want To Know How Much Money Rick Astley Has Made From ‘Rickrolling’

Image Credit: Instagram

It’s happened to the best of us…we open a link, click on something from a supposed friend, and there he is – Rick Astley in all his glory, singing his 1987 “hit” Never Gonna Give You Up and telling us that we’ve been had.

Not the most positive of moments, but I mean, most of us have enough of a sense of humor to laugh.

But how much money has Rick himself made from all of this rolling?


The answer was, back in 2010, like $12, so don’t go envying his life too much.

Rick rose to fame in the 1980s, with number one singles in the UK, a platinum album, and even a Grammy nomination, but he didn’t actually write the song that has endured. That means he only gets a small, performer’s share of the copyright.

Back in 2008, he talked to the L.A. Times about the phenomenon of Rickrolling.

“I think it’s just one of those odd things where something gets picked up and people run with it. But that’s what’s brilliant about the internet.”


Despite the prevalence of the meme, Rick is super chill about the entire thing, and has no plans to try to remix or re-release the song in order to cash in.

“I don’t really know whether I want to be doing that.

I’m not being an ageist, but it’s almost a young person’s thing, that.

I think the artist themselves trying to remix it is almost a bit sad.

No, I’m too old for that.”


If you’re a fan and you’re sad to hear that there won’t be any more Rick Astley in your life, please enjoy this footage of him being knighted.

And you know…I’m sure it won’t be long before someone Rickrolls you again.