The 7 Best Pillows for All the Different Types of Sleepers out There

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As a pillow aficionado, I can safely say that if I don’t have the right ones beneath my head at night, I’m not getting a good night’s sleep.

I’m assuming that if you clicked on this link, you feel the same way about snoozing.

Here are the 7 best types of pillows for folks out there, because we all know that there are definitely different types of sleepers out there.

1. For music lovers.

I didn’t even know this was a real thing, but here we are.

The ZEEQ Smart Pillow streams music and even uses vibrations to help people stop snoring without waking them. You can make your own playlist for the night!

The ZEEQ also improves your sleep by monitoring your sleep patterns throughout the night.

2. Classic down pillow.

The best classic down pillow on the market comes to us from Hästens. The pillows are made from goose down and natural materials.

These down pillows breathe and I bet you didn’t know that a bad pillow can stifle air circulation around the body.

Yeah, I didn’t know that either.

3. The best pillow for side sleepers.

I’m a side sleeper, so I’m going to need to pick up a couple of these.

The snuggL was designed specifically for people with back pain, pregnant women, and those of us who just have to sleep on our side at night.

The snuggL is a HUGE, L-shaped pillow that you can hug at night that aligns the spine, pelvis, and hips. Looks good to me!

4. For all the snorers out there.


The Restore Pillow supports the neck and uses a design that reduces snoring. The pillow is also adjustable so a person can adjust to their perfect comfort level without putting too much pressure on their face and ears.

Judging by the number of snorers out there, I bet these babies sell like hot cakes!

5. Acne fighter.


I never even considered this before, but there is a pillow designed to help you fight acne. The Shhh Silk Single Silk-Filled Pillow is designed to help your skin while you sleep.

Olivia Carr, the CEO and founder of the company, said about this pillow:

“Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and mold.

This is incredibly important when we spend an average of 3,000 hours per year sleeping on our pillow.

Silk is a great choice for allergy suffers and individuals who have acne, as sleeping on silk reduces bacteria growth.”

6. Organic is good.

If you want to sleep with an organic pillow, look no further than The Right Pillow.

You can move the organic fill inside the pillow to mold it the way you want to so you can support whatever part of your body you need to.

7. And, here’s one for the back sleepers.

I don’t understand how people can sleep on their backs, but we’re all well aware that there are a ton of them out there. And these folks need to get their hands on The Recovery Pillow.

The founders of the company say,

“Our pillow has both preventative and recovery benefits.

It comfortably promotes back sleeping and a face-up sleep position to help prevent facial pressure crease wrinkles.

It supports recovery from various surgeries and procedures that require back sleeping as desirable for recuperation i.e.: plastic and orthopedic, sport and age-related injuries, cataract, cardiac, and body enhancements.”

Do you have anything to add to this conversation?

Maybe you know about a different type of pillow that has worked wonders for you at nighttime?

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