These 10 Deleted Scenes Might Change How You See Your Favorite Movies

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Do you ever what your favorite movies would look like if they had pivotal scenes deleted or had totally alternate endings?

I’ve seen some director’s cuts of some movies I really love and they just aren’t the same to me with the new endings, but that’s just my opinion.

Let’s take a look at 10 movies that had alternate endings or deleted scenes that definitely would’ve resulted in much different films.

These responses about these films come to us from members of the Buzzfeed Community.

1. Get Out

Get Out has an alternate ending where white cops show up at the end instead of Rod and Chris is arrested.

“The original ending is obviously more hopeful, but you can’t argue that this ending is a lot more realistic.”

2. Avengers: Endgame

There’s a deleted scene after Tony Stark dies where all the Avengers take a knee to honor him.

“This heartbreaking scene occurs immediately after Tony dies and Pepper kisses him goodbye.

One by one, each Avenger takes a knee to honor their fallen soldier.

It’s incredibly emotional.”

3. The Devil Wears Prada

There’s a deleted scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda’s husband gets drunk and ridicules Mr. Ravitz. Miranda gets embarrassed and Andy steps in.

“This “thank you” was completely out of character for Miranda, and it totally ruined the dynamic she had with everyone.

It made her look vulnerable and weak, and it would have changed the whole tone of the movie had they kept the scene in.”

4. Scream 4

Scream 4 has an alternate opening where two teenagers wearing Ghostface masks scare their friend and when the real killer shows up, neither of them believe he is a real danger.

“The Scream series is famous for its twisted (and twisty!) opening sequences, and this alternate opening is no different. It turns the tables on the audience by having the two teens prank each other multiple times.

Then, after the real Ghostface appears and attacks one of the teens, the other doesn’t even react because she thinks it’s fake.

The actual opening of the movie is completely different, with one teen coming reallllllly close to escaping Ghostface’s wrath.”

5. Mean Girls

A deleted scene in Mean Girls shows Regina George confronting Cady in the school bathroom post-bus crash.

“Cady sincerely apologizes to Regina, and the two of them have a real heart-to-heart. Everything appears to be reconciled, and it marks a true turning point for both characters.

The movie still works without the scene, but it’s a cute moment that reminds viewers why they originally liked the innocent Cady so much, and it also brings a softness to the character of Regina George.”

6. The Dark Knight

There’s an extended scene after the Joker blows up the hospital and boards the bus.

“This scene is short and simple, but it highlights the true menacing and mercurial behavior of Heath Ledger’s Joker.

After he gets on the bus, he doesn’t even turn around to look at the destruction he’s caused. He doesn’t care about it.

All that matters is that it happened.”

7. Donnie Darko

This cult favorite has an extra scene in the director’s cut where Donnie’s body is shown dead and impaled.

“In total, about 20 minutes were added to the film in the director’s cut.

This obviously made the ending much more graphic, as it showcased Donnie’s lifeless body being impaled by the jet engine.”

8. Titanic


Who knew?!?! There’s an alternate ending where everyone tries to keep Rose from throwing the Heart of the Ocean overboard into the water.

“This ending is entirely too cheesy and completely ruins the tone of the film.

In fact, after Rose throws the necklace into the water, one of the crew members yells at her, saying, “That really sucks, lady!” She scoffs, and then she and Mr. Lovett laugh together.

No thanks!!!”

9. A Star is Born

A Star is Born has an alternate scene where Ally serenades Jack on their wedding day with the song “Is That Alright?”.

“Their actual wedding festivities are pretty much glossed over in the movie, but this scene breaks down the entire day.

It starts with Ally at the piano, singing “Is that Alright?,” and it then flashes back to earlier in the day when she walked down the aisle with Jack.

The next two minutes beautifully intercut moments of their wedding with moments of everyone celebrating later that night.”

10. Aliens

An extended scene in Aliens shows Ripley learning that her daughter passed away while she was in hyper-sleep.

“Part of the scene was featured in the original version, but the director’s cut included more of Ripley’s reaction, which justified a lot of her actions later on in the movie.

Without the scene, there was way less character development for Ripley.”

Do you know of other movies that have alternate endings or deleted scenes that would’ve changed the tone of the film in a major way?

Tell us about them in the comments, please!