Here’s How People in Great Britain Manage During The Record-Breaking Heatwave


Whether you buy the (verified) science of climate change or prefer to live with your head buried in the sand, there’s no denying that it has been H-O-T in the United Kingdom this summer.

Like…it’s never actually been this hot before, and people don’t know how they’re supposed to live with it.

Heathrow Airport saw a record-setting July temperature of 98.4 degrees while Cambridge hit triple digits for only  the second time in the history of recorded temperatures, and England wasn’t alone – France shattered its previous high record with a temperature of 108 degrees, and countries across Europe sweltered under the same kind of conditions.

Residents have had to think on their feet, and if the 20 pictures below prove anything, it’s that people are endlessly creative.

Whether or not the solutions are sustainable (or effective) well… you can decide for yourself.

19. Sun’s out, guns out.


18. Watch your step.

17. With age comes wisdom.

16. We’re not dramatic or anything.

15. All helpful advice.

14. I think it’s going to last.


13. Save yourself.

12. The old “pretend you’re at the beach” trick.

11. You know it’s bad when not even the electronics can handle it.

10. No one accuses cats of being dumb.

9. What even is dry skin?

Nice to know there’s one place on my body that I didn’t sweat from during this heatwave
byu/IAMgrampas_diaperAMA inTrollXChromosomes

8. Wanna get away?

7. We just hug all day long.

6. Desperate times.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
byu/BadgerTamer inCasualUK

5. He will fight you for that outlet.

This guy is an absolute baller.
byu/Brownian-Motion inCasualUK

4. Everyone standing around was wondering if they could get away with doing the same.

3. People have come for the essentials.

2. My kingdom for some water.

1. Tips and tricks.

Stay cool out there!