Here’s Where You Can Watch “Hair Love,” the Oscar-Winning Short

Photo Credit: Pexels

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the short film Hair Love and its well-deserved 2020 Oscar Award for Best Short Film.

Director Matthew A. Cherry had an NFL career before settling on filmmaking as his next passion. His short film touches on the struggle of Black fathers who struggle to style their daughter’s hair, all with adorable animations that challenge negativity about natural hair.

What many don’t know is that Cherry began his Hair Love journey with a Kickstarter campaign. But Cherry’s journey is even more endearing because of his own declarations in 2012.

The director and his collaborators, who include Karen Rupert Tolive, wanted to make a film that shattered stereotypes and prejudices against Black people, especially those who choose not to straighten their hair. Cherry says,

 “Hair Love was done because wanted to see more representation in animation.

We wanted to normalize black hair.”

Indeed, the director is right that there are few animations and films that depict natural hair in a positive light. But there’s more. Cherry gave a heartfelt speech when he won, and he used his moment to shine a light on the CROWN Act, a law that would bar discrimination against people who choose natural hairstyles.

Cherry posted the short film on his website and on YouTube for easier access.

Hair Love has already had a major impact and influence on the way people discuss natural hair.

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